Curriculum & Instruction

Friday, July 20, 2012
The field of education is considered as a key stone in building future generation and there by a better tomorrow. Have you ever thought what would be the heart of any educational endeavor? It is the curriculum and instruction that lays the foundation stone for all the academic systems. According to the California Department of Education, curriculum is defined as -˜the information for improving student academic achievement of content standards by communicating policy and expectations and supporting districts by providing instructional guidance.' If curriculum can be defined as a design coded for making learning efficient, then instruction is the way by which learning is implemented. Both should go hand in hand. It should be ensured that the curriculum standards should be followed in an efficient manner by the instructors. We know that each degree level or study program have different course materials, standardized tests, training methods etc. All those factors are set by the curriculum instructors and coordinators.

If you are interested in a career in education and wish to bring some changes on the current education strategies, then majoring in curriculum and instruction will be a right choice. It is a combination of art and science of blending technology, literacy, information, medium etc. Several colleges and universities offer master's and doctorate level programs in this major. So attaining a bachelor's degree in educational discipline is the initial step. The academic curriculum mainly focuses on teaching methods, psychology of learning, lesson plan designing, integrating technology in learning, behavioral approaches and many more. This academic program even covers the techniques to be adopted for enhancing the learning abilities of special education students.

Curriculum and instruction, as the corner stone of educational system implements modern learning technologies to enhance student learning. Innovative and research proven teaching strategies are implemented. Curriculum and instruction programs are planned, designed and implemented in accordance with the real world resources and contexts. Characteristics of institution, current education and social trends, strategic planning, student needs, current curriculum issues, cultural and moral values and many other factors are taken into account before implementation. So if you think that you can make a better change in the education sector with highly creative, yet practical concepts, then you can choose it as a career option. Step into this rewarding career and work towards the betterment of society.